Great trip, Back in the US.

I am back in the US after an amazing 5 week work/leisure break in India and Israel. Professionally, I learned a lot about creating and deploying a product in Israel. Personally, I had a great time visiting beautiful places, meeting tons of new people and above all friends and family.  On the sad side, I was subjected to racial discrimination, chickenpox etc.. In short, the trip showed me the best and the worst in the world. I couldn't have asked for more.

Breakfast can wait

Breakfast can wait, the day's first stop is online speaks volumes how our mornings are shaped by technology. The below story quantifies the change:

In May, Gabrielle Glaser of Montclair, N.J., bought her 14-year-old daughter, Moriah, an Apple laptop for her birthday. In the weeks after, Moriah missed the school bus three times and went from walking the family Labradoodle for 20 minutes each morning to only briefly letting the dog outside.

Moriah concedes that she neglected the bus and dog, and blames Facebook, where the possibility that crucial updates from friends might be waiting draws her online as soon as she wakes. “I have some friends that are up early and chatting,” she said. “There is definitely a pull to check it.”

I am addicted to this myself. The first thing I do after waking up is checking my email and the markets. Only then does my daily routine start. It's weird that I didn't even realize that I missed this lifestyle when I was in India during the past few weeks.

Free pictures for passport

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Vancouver Trip 1

I am being too lazy to blog about my recent vancouver trip. So, I decided to do it in parts. In short, It was an amazing trip where I met a ton of people both new and old. It was the best trip so far.

On my second day, I went for a hike in Stanley park with a group of friends. It was an amazing walk. But when I stopped for a while to observe the life around me I found this. See the girl in the blue dress behind me (in the picture below), she was posing for pictures infront of a professional photographer. Later I found out that it was how (some) asian girls pose for marriage pics. There were also numerous newly wed asian couples who were posing for some very beautiful pictures.

To add some technical edge to our hike in the park, my friend andreas recorded our track using a GPS tracker. He also uses the tracker to geo-tag his pictures. Not just that, he also wrote an app to map the track on google maps. Check out this link (firefox only) to see our track in the stanley park.

LTTE in american media

It's weird how LTTE is portrayed in Canada vs US.

In Canada, they are portrayed as  the largest terrorist organisation on earth who trained  Al-Qaeda and PLO. There are reports published that say that they had committed human rights violations, smuggled goods, assanited politicians, used child soldiers, used human shields, pioneered hidden belt bombs and hijacked foreign ships etc.. 

On the contrary, this NYT article portrays Mr. Prabhakaran as a rebel leader and cult figure. Even though some papers proclaim that the rebels were brutal, I can't find the word terrorist nor an image of  dead Prabhakaran. It's ironic how american media portrays the most deadly terrorist organisation on the planet, even though their government is spending significsant tax dollers on fighting the terrorism perpetrated by them. I wonder why this is the case though.

Elections in India

The Indian public has spoken yet again and has handed the batton to the congress party and the sensex goes crazy. Probably the craziness of the sensex is indicative of the irrational decisions we will see in the next five years.

ICSE'09, ICPC'09 and Canada

Part of my research work has been accepted as a poster at International Conference on Program comprehension (ICPC'09) which is co-located with ICSE'09.  I am proud of my research and it was an excting ride. Apart from the results, I am also proud of the project because I wrote meta-meta programs in 5 languages that do dynamic escape analysis of java programs.

I am also travelling to Vancouver, Canada for a week starting tomorrow. I am excited already!
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